I'm Alan.


I'm a lifestyle photographer in Chicago & the surrounding suburbs. I'd like to tell you a little bit about who I am, how I got into photography, and what drives me creatively.

I take pride in capturing real, candid moments.

I'm a lifestyle photographer, which means that I focus on depicting the playful essence of what it's like to be a family today - at every stage.

From the meticulously planned marriage proposal to your birthday celebration marking your little one's next milestone, it's all beautiful, and it's all worth remembering!

I'm all about helping you feel comfortable during your session.

Having your photos taken by a stranger can feel awkward. I get it! That's why I take the time to get to know you and build trust before our session. To me, you're more than just another slot on my calendar. My goal is to help you feel comfortable with me, your surroundings, and the process.

By making sure you're able to relax and be yourself during our shoot, we'll end up with genuine, natural photos that show your real personality - no stiff poses or forced smiles!

My ultimate goal is for you to feel like I'm just a friend with a camera by the time your session rolls around.

My inspirations include the city of Chicago, Norman Rockwell, and YOU.

I grew up in Cleveland, but I’ve always had a sense of awe for the Chicago skyline. After moving to the city, I found myself surrounded by endless inspiration. Today, you'll often find me walking around exploring new views, angles, and ideas for sessions. I can't help it!

Artistically, one of the biggest inspirations for my family photography is the work of Norman Rockwell. Like his paintings of daily American life, I aim for my photos to be timeless, full of energy, and a little witty.

I'm always learning, developing, and growing.

My training as a musician taught me that you have to study, practice every day, and perform frequently in order to improve in any creative endeavor. That's exactly how I approach my work as a photographer.

When I was in music school, I bought a camera to create videos of the musicians in my group. It didn't take long for me to realize that I was hooked: I'd finally found something I was naturally skilled at!

Photography became this wonderful alternative creative outlet, allowing me to explore the world of visual art. It was so rewarding to capture people's energy, to bring their vision to life, and to see their reactions to my photos.

It all started with a brass quintet.

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