Kids are playful, energetic, and wacky - that's what makes family shoots so much fun!

Typically, we'll start with a few "classic" shots of everyone looking at the camera. But don't worry - even the most traditional posed portraits can (and should) show your family's unique personalities!

Then, we'll get more creative. I like to allow the kids to take charge a little and capture them doing what they like to do.
Concerned your little ones might not cooperate or have a full-on meltdown? No problem - after all, kids are kids! We'll take a snack break, play a game, or pause until they're feeling ready again.

Your family shoot should be a fun, 100% stress-free family activity.

Family Sessions

Your baby's first few days and weeks at home are so special, and they go by in the blink of an eye!

I'd be honored to help you capture those precious memories as you bond with your child, so you can remember them vividly forever. Prefer to have the session in your home and keep it calm, quiet, and simple? No problem.

Newborn Sessions


Your little one will be here soon! You're preparing the nursery, and getting ready to welcome your child to the family.

Have you thought about a maternity shoot? It's the perfect way to document your pregnancy and help you remember all the excitement you felt.

Maternity Sessions


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