Chicago Dating Profile Photographer

I offer dating profile photography for singles in Chicago who are looking to improve their profile photos on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble,, and everywhere else.

A large gallery of fully edited, high-resolution photos that are all yours to keep, share, and display.
Delivery within 7 days
Phone consultation(s) to personalize and plan your session
1/2 hour of free transportation time between locations (1 hour of free transportation time for 3+ hour sessions).

What's Included?


1/2 Hour
1 distinctive "looks"
1 location


1 hr
2 distinctive "looks"
2 locations


2 hrs
4 distinctive "looks"
4 locations

What's a "look"?


3 hrs
6 distinctive "looks"
6 locations

What does a "look" mean in my dating profile packages? 
A distinctive look means an outfit + backdrop combination that can stand alone as a profile picture. For example, if you were looking 2 or 3 new photos for your profile, you would select a package with 2-3 "looks" included.

Total Profile Makeover

Touch Up

Big Refresh

Short and Simple


1.5 hrs
3 distinctive "looks"
3 locations


1 look

5 Looks

2 Looks

3 Looks

4 Looks

5 Looks

Experience a comfortable, fun photo session and enjoy your new headshots!

How it Works

Contact Me

We’ll have a no-pressure conversation about what you're looking for, and how I can help. 

We’ll create a personalized plan together and book your session.

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Enjoy Your Photos




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