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A large gallery of edited photos is included in the cost of your photoshoot. I take a TON of photos, so after our session I'll narrow everything down so you're not completely overwhelmed by the amount of pictures. After editing them, I'll send you a link to your gallery, which you can download, share, and print at no extra cost


I'm a photographer based in downtown Chicago, IL, but I travel anywhere in the city and surrounding suburbs at no extra cost. If you're within an hour of downtown, I can get to you no problem. If you're farther, just ask! 


If you'd like to take photos in a studio, I'll book a studio space near you using Peerspace (basically AirB&B for photography studios). My favorite is Lumber Studios, a shared studio space conveniently located between the Chinatown and Pilsen neighborhoods (2147 S Lumber Street). 

You don't need to travel to a studio for a studio backdrop, though. I have a mobile studio that I can set up in your home, office, or apartment. 

For me, lifestyle photography means capturing photos that look and feel natural. They depict an idealized version of what it means to be at a milestone in your life -- whether it's your bringing your newborn baby home for the first time, your 40th anniversary, or college graduation. Lifestyle photography strikes a balance between traditional portrait photography, which can be stiff and unnatural, and photojournalism, which is purely true-to-life. As your photographer, I'll provide creative direction and ideas, but won't micromanage every single pose. In the end, I want to create a space where you're able to be yourself in front of the camera. 


No - but it's better to use your own anyways

As a lifestyle photographer, most of what I do doesn't revolve around props, but sometimes it can be fun to include them in your photoshoot. I don't supply props for our photoshoots, since it's more meaningful if they're personalized to you. 

The ideal outfit for your headshot session depends on your profession, and how you personally choose to present yourself. That being said, here are some guidelines to help you choose an outfit that will make you look your best:

#1) The headshot is about... your head! Okay, let me explain a little. Ideally, a headshot will focus the viewer to your eyes, and create a sense of connection between the viewer and you. You are the center of attention, not your clothing. Obviously, showing personality through your clothing is allowed -- and encouraged! But the best outfit for a headshot with play a supporting act, and make your face and eyes pop, and look their best. 

For a sports analogy, your clothing is like Scottie Pippen, and your eyes are like Michael Jordan. I'll be honest here -- I actually don't know anything about basketball, so someone tell me if I'm totally off on this one! 

#2) I can find a backdrop that will work well with whatever outfit you choose. Many "what to wear for headshots" guides will tell you to never wear certain colors, but I've learned how to choose a backdrop and overall look for a headshot that can complement what you're already wearing.

#3) Bring multiple outfit options. Many photographers have a limit for the amount of "looks" or outfits you can use during your session, but I don't. As long as we have time in our session, you can wear and try on as many outfits as you'd like. I can also take a look at the outfits in person, and help you choose which ones will work best before we start taking photos. 

#4) Try on your outfit(s) a few days before your session. You don't want to take your outfit out of the closet to find out that it doesn't fit quite as well as you remembered, and not have enough time to choose something else! Take a good look at how your clothing fits around your shoulders, and from your chest up. Try posing in the mirror with your arms folded. This is a great headshot pose that can be easily sabotaged by a poorly fitting outfit!


A team headshot session can give your brand polish and professionalism, and help form a sense of personal connection with your clients and customers. If you need up-to-date portraits of your entire staff for your website, I offer corporate headshot packages, and will work with you to plan a successful headshot day for your company. I offer sessions with studio and environmental backdrops at your location, or a studio space convenient to you.

You don't need to travel to a studio for a studio backdrop, though. I have a mobile studio that I can set up in your home, office, or apartment. 

4 to 5 people

6 to 10 people

11+ people


Rates are per person
Up to 20 minutes for each individual

Team and staff headshot pricing

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